After months of waiting, Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 is only a month left for its comeback with a special premiere.The Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 premiere will air for two hours long instead of the typical one hour time slot. That’s right, double dose of drama is coming on your screen Thursday, September 27 from 8 pm ET to 10 pm.

This was not a complete surprise by any means. The two-hour back-to-back episodes have become quite a routine for the series when it comes to premieres or finales. Nevertheless, the Season 14 left fans with a little suspense with all drama that was on it, it makes sense perfectly that the characters need an extra to catch us up on what’s been going on and what position the new season will be taking.

The Season 14 ended with Teddy is being pregnant probably with Owen’s baby, which could definitely throw a twist in his reconciliation with Amelia. Then there’s the newly married couple Jo and Alex, who are gearing up to move across the country for Jo’s new career.

Meantime, Arizona and Sofia moved to New York and April pursues helping the homeless after leaving the hospital. Not much was going on in Meredith’s life, but apparently she seemed happy and ready to take on the future. Given that Season 15 is the reference as the Season of Love, it’s probably a new and lasting relationship could be in the cards for Meredith, not that she ever needed a partner in her life to be happy but she deserves a little romance if she desires it.

Granted, there’s without a doubt a lot of drama to dive into when the series returns next month, so it’s not surprising the writers needed a little extra time to cover all the dissimilaries storylines. Grey’s success on drama, whether it’s about a complicated love triangle or a particularly tough surgery, these cast of characters has never failed to keep us on our nerves. After all we can all agree that there’s not enough of Grey’s.