Kanye West showed up on “TMZ Live” Monday where he discussed his choice to wear a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Kanye West asked if it is reasonable for say the cap does not speak to your help of Donald Trump, have Harvey Levin who said he by and by had an issue with a big motivator for it?

The 41 years old rapper answered he’s an American as a matter of first importance.

He proceeded with he supports and gives his thoughts and his help and splendor to whoever is up in office. That’s his position as an American. The rapper bolsters the US president. Regardless of their identity, as an American, Kanye West bolsters the president.

West additionally proceeded to repeat what the cap “represents” to him.

The 41 years old rapper said what the cap represents that no one can spook him, nor they can’t instruct him since that is the thing that people used to do, they would grab the cap off, also no one can rip his cap off once more, it likewise represents to his manly energy.

West feels privileged to wear what he needs, to think what he need and feel it as well.

Prior in his appearance, West additionally clarified his remarks from the “Saturday Night Live” organize throughout the end of the week, when they tormented West backstage, clearing up that he can’t go out there with that hat on.

West said clearing up that he wasn’t alluding to the “SNL” staff, the harassing originated from individuals around him. He puts his vitality in all the more a reactionary place.

During his meeting, West additionally uncovered he expressed a desire for peace to dubious ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick to mastermind a White House get together with Trump. Moreover, he elucidated a prior comment calling to cancel the thirteenth Amendment from the U.S. Constitution, expressing he misspoke and that amend is the correct dialect.